Escape the concrete jungle & enter

A f r i c a

"I don't know what I expected but not this rich, resonant clarity. And the African sounds... " ~ June Appel

"Great story! The connection between you & Dog, the deep love affair with Bruiser, the characters, the landscapes - wow." ~ Bob Morley

"I absolutely love your storytelling style. I was drawn in and could not stop listening!" ~ Suzanne Grandon

"Honey voice..." ~ Kryssie Francis


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Warned about living in the country of her dreams, Lorraine
buries herself in domestic life. Lorraine is lured outdoors by
'DOG', a flea infested mutt. Realizing if she waits for her husband
she won't go anywhere, she packs DOG into a 1983 Land Rover
for their first of four years worth of adventures
experiencing Africa.

Laugh, cry & be inspired as the pack of two:
~ Encounter spitting cobras, drunken judges
& other assorted wildlife.
~ Meet Kenyan Cowboys & Maasai warriors.
~ Explore the bond Africans have with dogs.
~ Discover the darkness & light of the African bush.


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Ken Jackson at Sounds Natural

provides the exotic sounds accompanying
Lorraine's voice. From his many years
presenting and producing for BBC World
Service and BBC Radio Oxford, Ken has
accumulated a vast amount of recording
expertise. I encourage you to purchase
from his extensive range of CD's and
cassettes of natural sounds.

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